U.G.S. Personnel:
United Global Security ( U.G.S.) prides itself on hand picking and intensive training of all our staff members from our office crew to our onsite associates. 
Meet our Staff:
  • Armed and Unarmed Guards with minimum 2 years experience and D Licence accreditation.
  • IDF Retired Military Special Forces.
  • Ex USA Special Forces and Retired Seal Personnel.
  • Retired and current duty Police and Swat officers.
  • Ex Federal Agents.
  • Master Combat and Weapons Training Instructor.
  • Ex Military Security analyst.

Management Staff:

  • CEO: Ex IDF Special forces .
  • President: MBA in Business management and Economics.
  • Risk and Security assessment Manager: Ex Military with over 20 years in the security industry.
  • Sales and marketing Team: 30 years combined Security and field work experience.
  • Field manager: MB Licensed over 10 years security experience
  • Field Supervisors: MB and D Licensed with Over 5 Years Security experience.
  • Accounting: BA in accounting and Bookkeeping 
  • Dispatch: Logistic Expert with over 5 years experience.

United Global Security is a reputable security services company that provides a wide range of professional security solutions. With a commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, United Global Security offers reliable and customized security services to meet the unique needs of businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Here are some key points about United Global Security:

1. Comprehensive Security Services: United Global Security offers a comprehensive range of security services, including armed and unarmed security guard services, event security, executive protection, loss prevention, armored car services, and more. They cater to various industries such as corporate, retail, hospitality, residential, and special events.

2. Highly Trained Security Personnel: The security personnel at United Global Security are extensively trained professionals who undergo rigorous training programs to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle various security challenges.

3. Customized Security Solutions: United Global Security understands that every client has unique security requirements. They work closely with clients to assess risks, understand specific needs, and develop customized security plans and strategies to provide effective security solutions.

4. Technology Integration: United Global Security leverages advanced security technologies to enhance their services. This includes CCTV surveillance systems, access control systems, GPS tracking, and other innovative solutions to improve security measures and ensure the safety of clients.

5. Commitment to Excellence: United Global Security is committed to delivering top-quality security services with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and customer service. They strive to exceed client expectations and maintain long-term partnerships.

6. Experienced and Trustworthy: With years of experience in the security industry, United Global Security has built a solid reputation for delivering reliable and trustworthy security services. Their team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive security backgrounds.

7. Compliance and Accreditation: United Global Security adheres to industry regulations and holds necessary licenses and certifications. They maintain compliance with local, state, and federal laws to ensure their operations meet the highest standards of professionalism and legality.

Overall, United Global Security is dedicated to providing comprehensive, reliable, and customized security solutions to protect people, assets, and properties. They prioritize client safety and satisfaction, making them a trusted choice for security services.