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United Global Security ( U.G.S.) offers top rated Security Guard and Patrol Services in Florida. When you need armed or unarmed security for yourself, your property, or your business, you want a company that has what it takes to keep you and the things that matter most to you safe and protected. At United Global Security ( U.G.S.), we promise to share our strength, provide you with reliable private security services, and show you we have integrity in everything we do. We can meet all your security guard and patrol service needs in Florida. That's why were among the top rated security companies in Florida.


United Global Security ( U.G.S.) ultimate mission is to meet all clients’ demands and needs by tailoring our services to each individual client needs and to employ the most ethical and responsible Protection Agents in the industry.

We believe the following principles will lead to our continuous success: Quality Service Provide the highest possible quality service at a reasonable cost to our clients. Ethics Adhere to all industry guidelines and regulations. Respect our clients’ personal property and privacy foremost without compromising safety and always keeping the best interest of the client in mind.

United Global Security ( U.G.S.) Most Important Asset: We believe our employees are our most important assets. Caring for their needs translates to superior client service. Therefore, content Employees’ provide benefits to our clients and our company.

Executive Protection Security Services

Our Executive Protection Security Services are designed to provide high-level security and personal protection for individuals who may face elevated risks due to their prominent status, occupation, or public visibility. United Global Security understands the unique security needs of executives, celebrities, high-profile individuals, and dignitaries, and we offer tailored solutions to ensure their safety and peace of mind.

Our executive protection security teams are comprised of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in protective services. They undergo specialized training in threat assessment, risk management, defensive driving, surveillance detection, and emergency response protocols. Our teams work closely with clients to assess their specific security concerns and develop comprehensive security plans that address their individual requirements.

With United Global Security, you can expect a discreet and vigilant security presence. Our executive protection agents possess exceptional situational awareness, excellent communication skills, and the ability to make swift and effective decisions in high-pressure situations. They provide close protection, secure transportation, and 24/7 monitoring to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of our clients.

We understand that confidentiality and privacy are of utmost importance to our clients. Our executive protection agents maintain the highest level of professionalism and respect client privacy at all times. They blend seamlessly into their surroundings, providing a seamless security experience without causing disruptions or drawing unnecessary attention.

Whether you require executive protection services for business travel, public appearances, or personal events, United Global Security is dedicated to providing exceptional security solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss your executive protection requirements and let our experienced team provide the protection you deserve.

Executive Protection Security Guard Services

- Highly trained security personnel specializing in executive protection
- Provide personal protection for high-profile individuals, executives, celebrities, and dignitaries
- Assess and manage potential security risks and threats
- Develop customized security plans tailored to individual needs and circumstances
- Maintain a close protection detail for 24/7 security coverage
- Skilled in threat assessment, risk management, and emergency response
- Possess exceptional situational awareness and quick decision-making abilities
- Provide close protection during business travel, public appearances, and personal events
- Utilize defensive driving techniques to ensure safe transportation
- Maintain a discreet and professional security presence
- Coordinate with local authorities and other security personnel as necessary
- Strict adherence to confidentiality and privacy requirements
- Employ advanced surveillance and communication technologies
- Mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety and well-being of clients
- Collaborate closely with clients to understand their specific security concerns and requirements
- Tailored security solutions based on individual needs and level of risk.